Archiving Sejarah Wanita

Documenting women’s history is important because so much of women’s participation and contribution are overlooked or underplayed in our nation’s collective memory. Sejarah Wanita aims to uncover and archive women’s contribution in Malaysia by reviewing historical records, artefacts as well as through oral history. In doing so we wish to establish better understanding of women’s sense of belonging, identity and relationship with society.

Over time Sejarah Wanita hopes to locate, document and review women’s history using the following sources and feature them thematically:

  1. Publications – newspaper, magazines, books
  2. Visual artefacts –  postcards, posters, advertisements
  3. National records – stamps, flags, emblems, official documents
  4. Personal possessions – photographs, diaries, autobiographical notes, letters
  5. Oral history – notations, audio, video

We also choose to share findings digitally as it is more accessible and to best preserve our collective memory.

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